Below you will find my ever growing list of completed stories.

Novels & Novellas

Lipstick Trace

Lipstick Trace is the story of a transfer student, Quincy Abrams, who struggles to find his place in the world. Through the course of three years he comes to terms with a neglecful and abusive father, he builds lasting friendship with a young misfit, and finds out what it is to gain & lose love. Quincy must discover what is more important when given the choices of choosing to be his father's son, or growing into the person he is meant to be.

Lipstick Trace is currently available at Amazon by Solstice Publishing. The Kindle Version is available for for $3.99, and the Paperback released May 20th 2016!

Ghost Calls

To a normal Call Center Representative, a Ghost Call is when you pick up a ringing phone and nobody is there. To Gabriel Brant & D.D. Inc. a Ghost Call is a call from a recently deceased person who seeks guidance on how to live in the afterlife. Gabe faces down the ruthless executives who begin to exploit the dead, and shakes the world with the revelation that the dead live on.

Sisterhood of Ter'ima

This is the sequel to Natalsa of the Brim - in editing phase right now.

Natalsa of the Brim

Natalsa is a witch of reknown until the night called The Purging, the night when all the might of the witches in the world was stolen. Witches are declared enemies, and the world embraces a new religion. But when a terrible malady strikes the land it is up to Natalsa to find out why. In so doing, she draws unwanted attention to herself, and to all of her new friends. A siege takes place on the village she now calls home, and she must rally a group of believers and turn them into competent users of magic before it is too late to save the world.

Natalsa is available for purchase in both Paperback & Kindle formats. Please visit This link to obtain your copy!

Short Stories


It was supposed to be a normal night at work for Jenna Byam, but when a Vampire Raccoon puts the grocery store where she works on lockdown, everything changes. She must find solace in the arms of a young stock boy hero, Brody, who is the only hope of ridding the world of this terror. But the raccoons manservant, Vaan Strudel, has no intentions of making things easy for them. There's a cleanup in every aisle once Borris gets your juices flowing.

"This story is...odd. In a good way, I think; something of a cross between Clerks and Tales from the Crypt, with a dash of camp 70's Bond movie." - Andromeda Spaceways Magazine

Borris is available at Amazon.
Borris originally appeared in Danse Macabre Du Jour, as well as Corvus Review.

Type I

Caleb is a Type I Diabetic who fears the complications of a disease that may claim his life. When his fear reaches the point where he is terrified to fall asleep, he receives a once in a lifetime offer at a cure. Only after he has taken the treatment does he realize that he's substituted one form of life support for another, and fear isn't so easy to escape.


What could a person do with an Excel Spreadsheet that could kill people via Macros? In this short story we find out just what could happen in this dark comedy.
Die.xlsx appeared originally in Fun Dead Publication's blog.

Uploaded Vengeance

Halloween in Salem is always a little scarier than other places, but for one night, it gets gruesome. A grandfather takes vengenace on the bullies who caused his grandson to commit suicide. And what's worse, he gets it all on tape for the world to see.

Uploaded Vengenace is now available in "One Night In Salem" from Fun Dead Publication's! Get a copy at or Fun Dead Shops

Flash Fiction

Just One More

Every camping trip needs a good ghost story.
In Just One More we hear the tale of a small town in Lewis County, Kentucky that is plagued by the spirit of a slain Native American spirit.
There may be a very good reason why this small town stayed small.

Just One More is available at Bewildering Stories.

"Chad McClendon depicts an accretion of legend in campfire tales." - Bewildering Stories

The Shamblers

A Nuclear Disaster had occured, and all of the world has felt the impact.
Roy & Marianne must now hunt down the menacing creatures known as The Shamblers who threaten their families and their way of life, no matter how horrifying they may be.

One AM

On a quiet house on Route 8, a granddaughter longs for peace in mourning. But when her grandfather's quiet house is no longer quiet, what will she discover at the source of it all?

The Accident

Love survives eternally, whether our Mrs. wants it to or not. This is a short tale about love gone terribly wrong.
The Accident is available in The Tales From The Grave Anthology. The book is distributed in Ebook & Softcover editions by Zimbell House Publishing.
You may purchase the book directly from Zimbell, and it is also available on Kindle through Amazon.

The Toy Maker

Peter doesn't seem to appreciate his new wooden toy soldier, Herman, who was masterfully crafted by The Toy Maker.
Peter, it seems, doesn't appreciate anything. He abuses his toy, makes him endure terrible things, and refuses to show him the love that the Toy Maker did.
But there is more to the soldier than just wood and fancy paint, there is a touch of magic, and a lot of revenge.

My One & Only Truth

Raymond has a peculiar quirk about him, and that ain't no lie. Read this death row confession that'll shake you to your shackles.


December Breaking

On a cold day in December, two lovers gather for a feast to discuss their problems. When the fight turns out for the worst, one of them takes the final solution in icy steel.

December Breaking appears in The Voices Project!

Ghost Host

A whimsical tale of what social media is like for the dearly departed.