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So I haven’t updated since pre-Deathly Hallows, and it seemed like a good time for an update.

Schools in session, I’m immersed in Criminal Justice and English as always. I’m down to my last math class EVER, been looking forward to this since 3rd grade, so here’s hoping I pass :S

Potter, what more can be said. God what a story, I’m going to miss it terribly, the mystery I mean. But it’s nice, not having to be on spoiler alert.  Three cheers for me finally being right about something…WooHoo, The “Tale of” you know who, and I don’t mean Voldy. I was correct all along .And how the masses scoffed me… bastards.

Hanyway, I have delved into the world of writing/reading fanfiction now, hey i need my fix. So I’ve uploaded my current story, which has no chance of being published as it’s copywrited material, so I stand no chance of losing publication rights as they are not mine in the first place. So here it is.

Anybody got a carrot?

Arvada, Colorado

So round about two years ago, prior to the Half Blood Prince release, I started getting rather excited about the new Potter book.

There was one instance where I was stocking gallons of water @ good ole K-Rogers and instead of seeing 1 gallon of water, I saw 1 Galleon of water. So that was pretty silly.

Well I’m sure as everyone knows by now Deathly Hallows is coming out rather quickly. With just a little over 45 days left until the book I’ve grown quite excited. J & I are reading the series and we’re on The Order at the moment. We’re just thrilled and excited about it all.

But anyway, for round 2 of my crazy potter links..

My company uses a public record verification tool and a bit ago I was asking a dude if he lived in Arvada, Colorado. I came really close to saying ” Avada Kedavra” but I was able to stop myself.

Also, at my job I was spelling out a word for a caller , for example : “You’ll send that to Covington, KY. C as in Coke, o as in opal, V as in Vanquish…” Yes, I actually used the word Vanquish! A friend of mine and I had been chatting all morning about the new potter theme park opening in 2010’ish and i fully blame all that dialogue for the slipping of the “V” word.  (The one with the power to Vanquish the Dark Lord approaches)
It was suggested that I should have said “V as in He who must not be named” haha!

I don’t think i’ve actually stopped to think about it but so far, most of my Potter-Speek has been held at my job…

I was having a man verify his mailing address and it was spelled out “Phenix” and I asked him to spell it to make sure it wasn’t spelled “Phoenix” but the guy says “Oh you know, it’s Phenix, just like Order of the Phoenix” and I’m just like “Dude. You have just earned my favorite caller award of the day, congrats.”
Oh but what am I continuing to go on about?
July 21st cannot come quickly enough. OOTP looks absolutely wicked, especially with Fred & George’s scene….ya know the one.

Umbridge, umbridge , umbridge, oh dread, oh mercy me! Can i really stand the “hem, ahem!” again for 2 and 1 half hours? God save me.

Anybody seen my quill? I wanna send a letter to the Daily Prophet and see if they’ve tracked down Rodolphus Lestrange…I mean he was mentioned in Goblet as being locked in Azkaban with Bellatrix, but I mean all the Pre-Breakout Azkabanians have been released… We’ve seen Bella,…but where the hell is Rodolphus?? Surely I wasn’t correct in my theory of him being Fang…

[Possible spoiler below, read  only if you’ve finished Half Blood Prince.]

So apparently people think the Draco being in love with Lupin theory is absurd. But I mean c’mon I’ve got totally circumstantial evidence. Check it out :
Tonks was pale all throughout book Six,  and we also see that Draco was pale throughout all of book six. The connection is obvious!!!! He is in love with Remus Lupin!!!! I’d love feedback on that one if you have any, or support, so that i know im not the only person seeing  the connection.

On that note I think I’m going to stop this extremely longer that usual Blog.

Send me an owl!

The 7th Month

“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… Born to those who
have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…and the Dark Lord will
mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and
either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other
survives… The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the
seventh month dies…”…

Fellows, it has been confirmed by the infinitely wise and infallible Joanne Kathleen Rowling on this morning of February 1st that the SEVENTH and FINAL book in the world of Harry Potter will be RELEASED RELEASED I SAYon  SATURDAY JULY 21st at 12:01 AM!

Read all about it above, let this day be remembered by all who have read the sacred tome. Reserve for that day off at work if you are so inclined, I however will have that day totally off,  I will make sure of it.

But be wary, there are people looking to spoil it for us all around, T-SHIRT Hell for example! Last time remember what they did!?? They were not cool!

So I advise you all, wear protective musically inclined ear devices when you are at the bookstore that night, lest some Heathen man come and spoil the ending for you by shouting it from the rooftops!


STRAY Far from newspapers and magazines, for such detestable forms of information rarely prevent spoilers from reaching their unwary readers! Trust only to dutifully shield your eyes from unwanton spoilers!

Now rejoice with me my people as we eagerly count down the days to the final days of Young Harry’s journey into the deepest parts of his past! Let him be the hero who will conquer He Who Must Not Be Named! Let us rejoice! Raise your voices to the heavens and let God himself hear your praise!


All I want for Christmas

New Journal Status: I’m in a mood.
I want to fill a journal with this terribly morbid little story of mine.
If only to say, yeah buddy i’ve got an edgar allen poe’ish journal with a dark fairy tale written in calligraphy.

Schools almost out, i’m lookin forward to the break. Maybe this year for christmas i’ll find a lot of money. Who knows. Maybe even the lottery.

If i Had one wish for christmas it would be that everyone had everything the way they want it. For example : [insert what you want here]
Poof! it’s done! It’s yours! Happy Channukah

Sincerely yours



Ok, hospital stories from chad.
Thursday morning i awake feeling like hell has paid me a visit. I feel miserable so I check my blood sugar and it is high. I figure i’ll give myself a shot and be normal again– it didn’t work. I give myself a little more insulin and head out to school, I had a math test. I couldn’t miss it. I pull into parking lot A and feel a rising in my throat…. i’m glad that was over quickly…so 2 minutes and a puke puddle later im pulling into the garage. Feeling much better I walk to founders hall and set own the stairs. The test is issued and i feel crappy. To make a long story short i finished my test and went right home & got my parents to drive me to the hospital.
11:00 AM : They give me an IV, and pretty soon i’m napping the day away. All i needed from the hospital was for them to stop the vomiting and lower my sugar. This was all attained by 3:00 PM Thursday. Yet…they decide to keep me over night for monitoring. I don’t have a bite of anything to eat all day until 7:00 pm, which is understandable for the most part. So i eat and about an hour and a few odd minutes later I finally get a shot O_o
When they test me they find it strange that I have another high blood sugar. Well if once again finally lowers into a reasonable range and I try to sleep for the night. Only to be informed i’ll be awoken every 3 hours to test my temperature -_-, and every 4 hours to test my sugar….why not clump it all together for the sake of sleep? “Balls” I say to myself.
3:00 AM Friday morning: I was recently tested and decided to goto the bathroom, and they say “Be careful, youre a little low don’t over work yourself.”
I give them an eye and stumble to the bathroom.
6:00 AM Friday: I buzz my nurse and tell her that “I’m low and I need food” They generously give me 8oz of orange juice and say”I’ll give you this, but i have to check you. I would be a bad nurse if i didn’t check you.”
My blood sugar is : 38
38! They let me get that low, they knew i was low at 3 am. If i hadn’t woken up, i wonder what would have happened to me. RAWR!
From that point on i lose all hope in St Elizabeth. My doctor comes in at 9:30 am and tells me he doesn’t know why they kept me over night since all my problems were remedied. He says I’ll be free to go once he hears from my doctor.
12:00 PM friday : Me :”Have you heard anything from my doctor?”
Nurse :”No honey we haven’t.”
Also and further more my blood sugar was getting high and I knew it. I asked them to check me and it was 298. I tell them I need a shot, and they are quoted as saying”Sorry honey, we can’t give you insulin unless there is food in front of you.”
I ask “What if I’m not hungry.”
“We can’t give you a shot, it’s hospital policy.”
Lovely right? My blood sugar is almost 300 and they won’t give me a shot. Haha!
I’m going to die in this place because of these incompetent morons.
So of course, 45 minutes later I’m given a tray of food and a shot, I take the shot yet eat no carbs. :) And miracle of miracles, my blood sugar stabalizes.
2:30 : I find out this information : My mother had called my family doctor and she (Dr Kido) informed my dear mother that I had been released since 9:30 this morning, and that I must have been “Confused” about it all. Nah, I asked my nurses and they said they didn’t hear a thing from my doctor. So i sign all the paper work and i’m jumping for joy to be alive and out of the place. “Honey, you just wait here and I’ll get you a wheelchair”
:Blink Blink: I shake my head and exit that terrible place.
I went into the hospital to stay alive, I almost die inside of it due to their neglegence and stupidity.

On a brighter note though : I received lots of happy thoughts from my friends who came to visit me and those who said they would have- :glomp: I <3 you guys.

First College Impressions


Howdy Ya’ll!
First day of classes! More coming later!
OK!! First class was College writing with Professor Brandt. Seems like a very nice gentleman. Perhaps a bit, shall we say- odd?- too? Example:
When explaining a cover page to us he used the name :Susan Glutz.
Anyone familiar with the manson murders knows of Susan Atkins / Sadie Glutz. One of charlies “Loves”
Coincidence perhaps??? O_o     I think I’ma like this guys class!! Probability 95%

10 Years Later : This was my best Class Freshman Year, A+.

Psychology – Professor Young
Found out that I need a 30$ personal response system (Little clicky thingy that looks like a remote control) It has buttons and I can push them!!! WeeHee!
Sadly I discovered that we won’t be getting into schizophrenia, bipolar, split personalities ’till like the last 2 weeks of class. : ( She seems like a ….challenging… teacher. Probability of liking class : 50/50

10 Years Later : It was good, I actually pursued Psychology for a while.

African American Studies – Professor Kidd

Seems like an easy/fun class. If I maintain an A average then I have no midterm or final WooT!!!
This guy has a sense of humor. During his syllabus he was talking about respecting others when they are speaking, meanwhilie two bengal jersey wearing fellows were chuckling in the back of the classroom. Quote from Kidd : ” Share it with the class gentlemen, I like to laugh too. Take yesterday (Sunday) for example, I laughed when the bengals lost”
:rofl: I KNOW I’ll like this class. Probability of liking class :  90%

10 years Later : I dropped this class.


Basic Mathematical Skills 090 – Professor O’Conner
Boy-o-boy, when they say basic they mean basic! We’re learning teh ones tens hundreds thousands ten thousands hundred thousands millions billions and trillions places. Which is fine by me, starting at the very beginning is probably best for me since math is the bane of my existance. Seems like a nice teacher, hopefully she is patient.  Probability of enjoying class 50/50

10 Years Later : I took Probability after I failed this class. I failed probability with deducing this class’s likability, and the actual Probability course itself. Screw math.

History of the US since 1877 – Professor Faber

History, my possible minor, w00+! Seems like an allright class, we cover a lot I’m told, I’ve already read one chapter and have another one to read by thursday. I’m glad I’m good at history, because this one will be fast paced. Rock and Roll. Probability of liking class 80%

10 Years Later: Loved this class.

And now I’m in the library awaiting my 2nd psych class. And should I need to update more or update the percentages I shall.
Also a personal notice to all who enjoy free subs due to me :
Within weeks I shall be leaving subway. [As I edit this nearly 10 years later, I say to past me : No, no you’re not.] So iffin yaur wuntin subs, gett’em while ya still can!  Good News for Egg lovers! : I have an interview this thursday at 9 with northern! I might be getting my job here! Meaning 2 classes I don’t have to pay for!!!! :D :D :D :D

Write more later , I will.