First College Impressions


Howdy Ya’ll!
First day of classes! More coming later!
OK!! First class was College writing with Professor Brandt. Seems like a very nice gentleman. Perhaps a bit, shall we say- odd?- too? Example:
When explaining a cover page to us he used the name :Susan Glutz.
Anyone familiar with the manson murders knows of Susan Atkins / Sadie Glutz. One of charlies “Loves”
Coincidence perhaps??? O_o     I think I’ma like this guys class!! Probability 95%

10 Years Later : This was my best Class Freshman Year, A+.

Psychology – Professor Young
Found out that I need a 30$ personal response system (Little clicky thingy that looks like a remote control) It has buttons and I can push them!!! WeeHee!
Sadly I discovered that we won’t be getting into schizophrenia, bipolar, split personalities ’till like the last 2 weeks of class. : ( She seems like a ….challenging… teacher. Probability of liking class : 50/50

10 Years Later : It was good, I actually pursued Psychology for a while.

African American Studies – Professor Kidd

Seems like an easy/fun class. If I maintain an A average then I have no midterm or final WooT!!!
This guy has a sense of humor. During his syllabus he was talking about respecting others when they are speaking, meanwhilie two bengal jersey wearing fellows were chuckling in the back of the classroom. Quote from Kidd : ” Share it with the class gentlemen, I like to laugh too. Take yesterday (Sunday) for example, I laughed when the bengals lost”
:rofl: I KNOW I’ll like this class. Probability of liking class :  90%

10 years Later : I dropped this class.


Basic Mathematical Skills 090 – Professor O’Conner
Boy-o-boy, when they say basic they mean basic! We’re learning teh ones tens hundreds thousands ten thousands hundred thousands millions billions and trillions places. Which is fine by me, starting at the very beginning is probably best for me since math is the bane of my existance. Seems like a nice teacher, hopefully she is patient.  Probability of enjoying class 50/50

10 Years Later : I took Probability after I failed this class. I failed probability with deducing this class’s likability, and the actual Probability course itself. Screw math.

History of the US since 1877 – Professor Faber

History, my possible minor, w00+! Seems like an allright class, we cover a lot I’m told, I’ve already read one chapter and have another one to read by thursday. I’m glad I’m good at history, because this one will be fast paced. Rock and Roll. Probability of liking class 80%

10 Years Later: Loved this class.

And now I’m in the library awaiting my 2nd psych class. And should I need to update more or update the percentages I shall.
Also a personal notice to all who enjoy free subs due to me :
Within weeks I shall be leaving subway. [As I edit this nearly 10 years later, I say to past me : No, no you’re not.] So iffin yaur wuntin subs, gett’em while ya still can!  Good News for Egg lovers! : I have an interview this thursday at 9 with northern! I might be getting my job here! Meaning 2 classes I don’t have to pay for!!!! :D :D :D :D

Write more later , I will.