Ok, hospital stories from chad.
Thursday morning i awake feeling like hell has paid me a visit. I feel miserable so I check my blood sugar and it is high. I figure i’ll give myself a shot and be normal again– it didn’t work. I give myself a little more insulin and head out to school, I had a math test. I couldn’t miss it. I pull into parking lot A and feel a rising in my throat…. i’m glad that was over quickly…so 2 minutes and a puke puddle later im pulling into the garage. Feeling much better I walk to founders hall and set own the stairs. The test is issued and i feel crappy. To make a long story short i finished my test and went right home & got my parents to drive me to the hospital.
11:00 AM : They give me an IV, and pretty soon i’m napping the day away. All i needed from the hospital was for them to stop the vomiting and lower my sugar. This was all attained by 3:00 PM Thursday. Yet…they decide to keep me over night for monitoring. I don’t have a bite of anything to eat all day until 7:00 pm, which is understandable for the most part. So i eat and about an hour and a few odd minutes later I finally get a shot O_o
When they test me they find it strange that I have another high blood sugar. Well if once again finally lowers into a reasonable range and I try to sleep for the night. Only to be informed i’ll be awoken every 3 hours to test my temperature -_-, and every 4 hours to test my sugar….why not clump it all together for the sake of sleep? “Balls” I say to myself.
3:00 AM Friday morning: I was recently tested and decided to goto the bathroom, and they say “Be careful, youre a little low don’t over work yourself.”
I give them an eye and stumble to the bathroom.
6:00 AM Friday: I buzz my nurse and tell her that “I’m low and I need food” They generously give me 8oz of orange juice and say”I’ll give you this, but i have to check you. I would be a bad nurse if i didn’t check you.”
My blood sugar is : 38
38! They let me get that low, they knew i was low at 3 am. If i hadn’t woken up, i wonder what would have happened to me. RAWR!
From that point on i lose all hope in St Elizabeth. My doctor comes in at 9:30 am and tells me he doesn’t know why they kept me over night since all my problems were remedied. He says I’ll be free to go once he hears from my doctor.
12:00 PM friday : Me :”Have you heard anything from my doctor?”
Nurse :”No honey we haven’t.”
Also and further more my blood sugar was getting high and I knew it. I asked them to check me and it was 298. I tell them I need a shot, and they are quoted as saying”Sorry honey, we can’t give you insulin unless there is food in front of you.”
I ask “What if I’m not hungry.”
“We can’t give you a shot, it’s hospital policy.”
Lovely right? My blood sugar is almost 300 and they won’t give me a shot. Haha!
I’m going to die in this place because of these incompetent morons.
So of course, 45 minutes later I’m given a tray of food and a shot, I take the shot yet eat no carbs. :) And miracle of miracles, my blood sugar stabalizes.
2:30 : I find out this information : My mother had called my family doctor and she (Dr Kido) informed my dear mother that I had been released since 9:30 this morning, and that I must have been “Confused” about it all. Nah, I asked my nurses and they said they didn’t hear a thing from my doctor. So i sign all the paper work and i’m jumping for joy to be alive and out of the place. “Honey, you just wait here and I’ll get you a wheelchair”
:Blink Blink: I shake my head and exit that terrible place.
I went into the hospital to stay alive, I almost die inside of it due to their neglegence and stupidity.

On a brighter note though : I received lots of happy thoughts from my friends who came to visit me and those who said they would have- :glomp: I <3 you guys.