Arvada, Colorado

So round about two years ago, prior to the Half Blood Prince release, I started getting rather excited about the new Potter book.

There was one instance where I was stocking gallons of water @ good ole K-Rogers and instead of seeing 1 gallon of water, I saw 1 Galleon of water. So that was pretty silly.

Well I’m sure as everyone knows by now Deathly Hallows is coming out rather quickly. With just a little over 45 days left until the book I’ve grown quite excited. J & I are reading the series and we’re on The Order at the moment. We’re just thrilled and excited about it all.

But anyway, for round 2 of my crazy potter links..

My company uses a public record verification tool and a bit ago I was asking a dude if he lived in Arvada, Colorado. I came really close to saying ” Avada Kedavra” but I was able to stop myself.

Also, at my job I was spelling out a word for a caller , for example : “You’ll send that to Covington, KY. C as in Coke, o as in opal, V as in Vanquish…” Yes, I actually used the word Vanquish! A friend of mine and I had been chatting all morning about the new potter theme park opening in 2010’ish and i fully blame all that dialogue for the slipping of the “V” word.  (The one with the power to Vanquish the Dark Lord approaches)
It was suggested that I should have said “V as in He who must not be named” haha!

I don’t think i’ve actually stopped to think about it but so far, most of my Potter-Speek has been held at my job…

I was having a man verify his mailing address and it was spelled out “Phenix” and I asked him to spell it to make sure it wasn’t spelled “Phoenix” but the guy says “Oh you know, it’s Phenix, just like Order of the Phoenix” and I’m just like “Dude. You have just earned my favorite caller award of the day, congrats.”
Oh but what am I continuing to go on about?
July 21st cannot come quickly enough. OOTP looks absolutely wicked, especially with Fred & George’s scene….ya know the one.

Umbridge, umbridge , umbridge, oh dread, oh mercy me! Can i really stand the “hem, ahem!” again for 2 and 1 half hours? God save me.

Anybody seen my quill? I wanna send a letter to the Daily Prophet and see if they’ve tracked down Rodolphus Lestrange…I mean he was mentioned in Goblet as being locked in Azkaban with Bellatrix, but I mean all the Pre-Breakout Azkabanians have been released… We’ve seen Bella,…but where the hell is Rodolphus?? Surely I wasn’t correct in my theory of him being Fang…

[Possible spoiler below, read  only if you’ve finished Half Blood Prince.]

So apparently people think the Draco being in love with Lupin theory is absurd. But I mean c’mon I’ve got totally circumstantial evidence. Check it out :
Tonks was pale all throughout book Six,  and we also see that Draco was pale throughout all of book six. The connection is obvious!!!! He is in love with Remus Lupin!!!! I’d love feedback on that one if you have any, or support, so that i know im not the only person seeing  the connection.

On that note I think I’m going to stop this extremely longer that usual Blog.

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