Scurvy Grass

So I haven’t updated since pre-Deathly Hallows, and it seemed like a good time for an update.

Schools in session, I’m immersed in Criminal Justice and English as always. I’m down to my last math class EVER, been looking forward to this since 3rd grade, so here’s hoping I pass :S

Potter, what more can be said. God what a story, I’m going to miss it terribly, the mystery I mean. But it’s nice, not having to be on spoiler alert.  Three cheers for me finally being right about something…WooHoo, The “Tale of” you know who, and I don’t mean Voldy. I was correct all along .And how the masses scoffed me… bastards.

Hanyway, I have delved into the world of writing/reading fanfiction now, hey i need my fix. So I’ve uploaded my current story, which has no chance of being published as it’s copywrited material, so I stand no chance of losing publication rights as they are not mine in the first place. So here it is.

Anybody got a carrot?