A Rare Event

Several weeks ago at the start of February I composed a short story originally called “Shawn”, After a brief revision period, kudos to Kevin Smith, Timothy Goldsmith, Nicholas Santa, and Alex Korpanthy, I was able to submit it to a publishing company for potential publication.

Imagine my exhiliration when they immediately accepted the manuscript. Typically I go through dozens upon dozens of rejections for any of my stories, as most writers to when they first start out. But not “Shawn”, henceforth known as “Just One More”, this one was special.

Lipstick Trace will always be the first story I wrote that earned me money, but “Just One More” will now hold the spot of honor of being the one story that was my “BOOM. DONE.” status.

I look forward to seeing it out in the world, this will be my third publication since my very first in September of last year. They say once you have some credits under your belt, it’s easier to get published. That appears to be true.