15,768,000 minutes are what comprises 30 years. Today I am 30 years old, and I’m not sure how to feel about it. I don’t feel older, unless you count not being able to crawl up slides with ease, heartburn after eating cheeseburgers and hotdogs, the thought that coffee might not be strong enough to fully wake me up, or potentially that my bedtime is typically around 9 or 10 PM with having to wake up at 4:30 AM most days.

If that’s feeling older, then yeah- I do feel it. I listened to Ellie Goulding “Love Me Like You Do” in the car today as I drove into work, I reflect on that being the first song I listened to completely as I start my 3rd Decade, and I don’t think it was a bad choice. Alkaline Trio’s “Crimson” or “Prevent This Tragedy” were close calls, but I didn’t think to really turn on the CD Player in the car. “Billionaire” from Travie McFace was a possibility, but I missed the beginning of the song.

I sit, 6:52 AM in Hebron, Ky drinking a Diet Soda and admire the new three pane picture frame Briana bought me, each pane containing one of my three girls. It was one of the nicer gifts I got. My little sister’s fold up silverware set is another.

Shawn/Just One More is due to be out next week on Bewildering Stories, so I’m terribly excited about that. The Shamblers needs to go elsewhere as Flashes in the Dark appears to be down forever ever. Forever ever. (But now forever ain’t as long?)  Because as I typed this I checked, Flashes in the dark does exist again. Shiny.

The facebook flood of “Happy Birthdays” are rolling in now as people start to wake up. Kudos to my Vice Principal from Brossart for getting the first FB Birthday Greeting.

Dear Editors,

It’s my birthday, please buy the rights to my novel.



Just my type…

Weeks ago in the car, my wife and I joked about a cure for diabetes in Vampirism. The conversation provoked such thought that we shared it online and got even more feedback from fellow Type I’s and medical opinions.  We eventually concluded that though Vampirism could “cure” the disease in that your pancreas not functioning would pale in comparison to the loss of your soul and heartbeat, having diabetes was preferable. I thought that would be the end of that line of thought.


Flash forward a few weeks to when a submission call was shared online for a market looking for Slipstream Horror stories. I struggled to find inspiration to get something into this company, and the conversation from a few weeks prior entered my mind like magic. It was easily one of the most fun stories I’ve written since Ghost Calls, and felt the way writing should feel.

I was in the zone, in the groove, coasting, whatever you wanna call it. The story, plot, characters, and climax were in my head before I knew it, and all I had to do was simply put them to paper. There are few moments in writing that flow as easily as this, and I savored every second of it.


Thank you creativity, I needed that. And so, Type I goes out, and may it find a home quickly.

The Birth of Demons

So my new novel idea is a revamp of a 2004 story of mine, Fisher of Men. I recently read that each story is like an archaeology dig, you stumble upon a fossil and you must work delicately to extricate as much of it as you can without breaking any off. You must dust, dig, wash and preserve all of it, and the end goal is to extract this giant skeleton of a story, complete with every bone.

I was able to envision quite a world for my fisherman Ganston & his companion Lavinia, and am at the point of “excitement” when it comes to writing the novel. The original FOM manuscript is still stand alone, this will simply be an expansion of the original world. I’ve managed to extricate the “spine” of the story, and am working on the ribcage.

Character development is a little better, I feel like Ganston is more of what he should be, but he still needs flaws, and though Adia is set to be influential, I wonder if Lavinia isn’t going to eclipse every single person in the story otherwise; I feel that the story might best be told from her point of view.
Daily goal, 1600 words, I fell short yesterday ending at 1,211, and so far today I have 1000 words written. If I want to reach 50,000 words within a month (which I do) I have to step it up a bit, so I’m writing between calls. Be accountable, don’t fall behind. Do the things.


Launch of CMC Review

For months I’ve considered offering an online E-Zine to help other authors get their stories out, this week I’ve taken steps to make it a reality. I’ve opened up a section of my site to allow for submissions of Fiction – Short Stories, Flash Fictions & Poetry submissions.

Can’t be more excited for this opportunity to help people improve their writing.


Something that I’ve found that has helped my writing is to write every single day. Write a sentence between calls, jot down a story idea at the vending machine, turn a strong personality in your life into a character, record memos on your phone, read a page. All of it adds up to continuing to hone your writing edge.

Having a family, and working full time doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing, and family must remain the full time focus. Art supports life, not the other way around. Somebody said that. Wish I could credit them properly.