To Them These Streets Belong

Dark clouds exploded and torrents of rain fell
All these lost halos wash away. — Rise Against “To Them These Streets Belong”


Milestone Note – Hammer Fists begins today. The fear that you fed on will now work for me, the dread you inspired will be repurposed. Twenty Five years later, I know what you did to me made me stronger, and I have risen above your bonds. But you will serve me again.

Hope of Morning

And the hope of morning makes me worth the fight
I will not be giving in tonight.  — Icon For Hire “Hope of Morning”


In this cryptic entry I write that I have begun to see the sun rising on a goal that I have worked for since I was young. Never before have I risen this far, and even if I fail in this moment, I will look to that place to which I traveled, and strive to return to it, and transcend beyond.

I cannot begin to hope too desperately, but I will allow myself to ever so slightly.