Day 1 Positive Exercise

Mission Statement : 7 Days of Positive Thoughts.

Day 1  –

“These are a Few of My Favorite things” – Song by Someone.

I probably attribute that song being in my head to Barney Stinson. Regardless, it reminds me of how much I dislike it. It’s exceedingly popular, but all the things the singer lists are, to me, piddly. (Note to self, piddly isn’t suggested as spelled incorrectly, score.) Kittens with mittens, packages tied up with string.

Lady, obviously you’ve never seen Kittens hasing cheeseburgers or packages wrapped in newspaper comics. Those things make me smile. Those things are more meaningful than mittens & strings.  So day one, I’ma list spectacular things that I think are noteworthy.

*My Wife – Always.

*My daughters babbling at each other when they ought to be sleeping.

*Taco Bell having Diet Baja Blast – Diabetics everywhere rejoice.

*Having a nice windy day when it’s supposed to be raining.

*Receiving a Rejection Letter with an actual reason as to why my work is being rejected.

*Receiving an Acceptance letter with no reason as to why its being accepted.

*Sleeping in.

*Finding extra money in your pocket.

*Watching Videos on Youtube that don’t have advertisements.

*Discovering a new series on Netflix

*Harry Potter


*Getting Pentakills with Annie



*Current Virus Definitions

*Hey Arnold

*94.9 The Sound (When it existed)

*You reading this.


Daughter of Ter’ima is proving to be far more expansive a world that I had originally intended. I was pleased to discover Mardis, a character with a very strong pulse, in my most recent writing.

The definition of Desinders continues to shift, and as such I’m hoping that the 12 different books I have to read focusing on Demons, Ancient Mythologies, and Magic Theory prove a strong anchor for the final evolution of these fearsome beasts.

I reflect on not writing on a daily basis since February at the end of Ghost Calls, though I go through the rituals of writing nearly every day. I sit and think, “Oh this is supposed to be in this story,” and “This needs to be included in this scene.”. I continue to read, to gain a better understanding of Ancient Demonology and Medieval Magic practices. So though I am not on the pen as often as I should be, the story sits in my mind and grows.

Soon I will have little choice left but to binge write, and I am looking forward to that day. I have at least 10 pens in my backpack, ready and waiting for the event.