The State of Stuff & Things

Dateline : Detroit 2015 –
A 9-Foot tall, 1 ton statue of Baphomet was unveiled this week, from what I’ve read it was built because a statue of the ten commandments was in a public setting, and they too wanted to build a statue of their object of worship.

I couldn’t really believe the news, I tried to debunk the story in any way possible, but every report was congruent with the last. Given no option but to accept reality, I was baffled, and hurt. I read comments online, and so many people were cursing Christianity for our intolerance to accept a statue of this demonic idol.

Two sculpted children are on either side of the statue, gazing up at it in adoration. This turns my stomach without ceasing. The thought that children will pass this statue and not understand it, it’s incomprehensible. Of course, statues like this have existed for a long time, but to me I’m not used to all of this in America  – which seems less and less like a country formed on the spine of Christianity, and more like a country that has adopted a ‘you are free to do anything, except go against the grain’.

I can hardly guess as to what will be accepted here next, I guess if blood sacrifices are part of a demonic religion, we should embrace it. Because Asmodeus needs love too. I do not support the confederate flag, I never have. But recently motions have passed to have it removed from America’s environment because of a hate crime that was recently committed. Because it offends people. Because it’s hurtful. Because it represents death.

There is no greater offender than Satan. There is no greater hurt than that of the devil. And there is no death as ultimate as one rendered at the hands of Lucifer. I am offended, others are offended, but our views do not matter, and our cries will not be heard. We were warned. Centuries ago we were warned. I just never thought I’d personally live to see it come to this.

And it will get worse.

Pre-Labor Mindsets

My baby boy is going to be here any day now, he’s officially due the 1st, but we visit the doctor today. We’re hoping for inducement, because I severely doubt he’s going to come on time.
Just like his oldest sister.

My manager at work is being pretty rad, says my vacation can start whenever the labor starts. So that’s nice. We got some good clothes for him this weekend.
We also went car shopping. God help us there.

Apparently, having perfect car payments for 4 years doesn’t matter if you have high student loans. Silly me, I thought I was applying for a car, not a Bachelors.

Evie’s been saying “Hi” recently, which is cool as can be. And sissy is fascinated with the phrase “Help Me.” It’s also quite cool but it can be confusing when she starts saying it and you’re like ‘whats up?”

I want to see the boy. He should get here tomorrow. I think this would be grand.

The Accident

Work has been tumultuous. I’ve been responsible for training several newbies on the regular. Typically, my writing time in the morning from 6 to about 8 has been taken, and it’s a struggle to make a daily effort to write. All the same, it happens some days.

My flash fiction piece, “The Accident” will be appearing in “Tales From the Grave Anthology” From Zimbell Publishing this October, it will be my first printed story in a book, so scratch one more goal off the life list.

Next goal, get professional or semi-pro payment for a piece, and eventually a book completely full of my work. To think, it’s closing in on a year since I first got published, and I attribute most of my success the last year to Borris & Danse Du Jour, things have certainly gotten easier with a few publications under my belt. Now that I have a paperback published piece on the way, I am very eager for the next year.