Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

So I can honestly say that now I have a working, A-Z outline. I may have missed the points of Q-Y but I know how we get from Start to End, and I need to fill in a few areas in between. But I feel confident now more than ever that I will be prepared for November.

I am currently playing Werewolf Bar Mitzvah as a timer to make myself write for a full 3 minutes without taking pause. It doesn’t really matter so much what I write so much as I continue to do.

We bought stuff for the Kid’s Halloween costumes, oh and I must also post this really good link that a former professor linked today on facebook.

I keep reading micro horror stories, and apparently Werwolf Bar Mitzvah is a bad choice because I have to now wear headphones except i dont have headphones and i can’t stop.  Hey the songs over.


What is Outline?

Apparently, whatever it is, I have one now.  I haven’t used an Outline since The Falling Away.

When I remember the time waste of TFA I tremble, and hope that Natalsa won’t end that way, and that it can break the bad history.

I have Natalsa, Estil, Guy, & Penelope now as working names. One of them is the antagonist, and I’m excited to know him better.

The Story of a Girl

9 Days.

Do you get my reference? I discovered some new stuff about Natalsa. I’ve been on a Nanowrimo vblog binge the last week.

I’ve got a nice new pen for jotting down ideas, and it feels right. It feels like it will help progress the story. My accountability partner Alex is doubting whether he can make it happen in November or not. He’s dialog driven, and he says he takes a while.

I’m trying to keep him on track, and have been sharing good practices with him. He states I seem more ready than he is, I just doubt that I can make it at times. I don’t want to screw up and miss a day.

I plan on red bulls, late nights or early mornings, and headphones with lots of music. This is my planning.


And now a random hufflepuff nanowrimo video just popped up, this has my attention.


Worksheets & Planning

So 11 days until NaNoWriMo, and I’ve just started serious planning.

So far I’ve listened to Sarah Sunbeemz on Youtube, she’s been enlightening so far. I’ve printed out some Character Worksheets, some Setting Worksheets and am starting (bite your tongue) an outline.

Planning. Let’s see how this works. Still developing the ideal playlist. I think Avenged Sevenfold will help, Hail to the King. Seems motivational.


I’ve had too much caffeine today. I need to calm the coffee down.

On the Brim & being Published

So I have my own ISBN Now. 1942818122.
It is glorious to have one of those. It means I’m official. I’ve made it. And it’s a long freaking road of hard work that still rises in front of me. But, it’s further validation that I haven’t made too many mistakes with writing.

It was a little over a year ago that Borris was published in a small online magazine, and since then it’s been republished on Corvus Review, and Just One More has been published on Bewildering stories.

3 Stories, All Ghastly. There seems to be little question, horror is my strongest suit. Though, Lipstick Trace has been out for the last 9 months, it was passed on to the EIC from the owner of the publication company, so that’s good news. Hopeful at least.

The goal here out, get a book all to myself, my name on the cover, and get paid — even if it’s minor.
That brings me to NaNoWriMo, this year I’ll actually be on time to participate and I’ve discovered this subtle tornado named Natalsa. She will be the topic of my entry for the competition. I have no outline. I have a basic idea, and I’m sincerely hoping that with consistent pruning she will finally let me know all of her story. I desperately want her to be exquisite.

12 Days.