Lipstick Trace : So Close

So I promised an update on Lipstick Trace. (For those of you who are just joining us, Lipstick Track is the Novel I started in College [2003-2006]. It is 70,000 Words and targeted at a Young Adult audience.)

Here is the promised update :

A publisher wanted it. A publisher was willing to pay me 50% Royalties on it, and they would have rights to it for 3 years. I was told the following things about my story :

“The plot is well developed and requires minimal editing.’
“By the end, I was actually emotionally involved with the characters.”
“Your characters develop well and by the end of the story, the reader cares about what happens to them.”
“I believe you have targeted your audience appropriately for the young adult/romance genre.”
I was so ecstatic having read their letter saying it was good. I called several people, and told several people that it was finally being published and was supposed to be out by Mid May or Early June.

And then I reviewed the finer details of the Contract. And I had a trusted set of friends, and a valued professor, review the contract. We all came to the same conclusion on a detail of the contract, and that was that it was a deal breaker. So I sent the Publisher a letter stating I was delighted with the honor they were offering me, but that I had to decline as it was not the right move for my novel.

This is an update to you, but it is also a reminder to me. Go for one more publisher. I’ve been sending this out ten years, and with as close as it has come these last two publishers, I’m certain I’m close to hitting the ball.

And on I go.

Kept Promises #4



Day 4: Ten Interesting Facts About Myself


  1. I was bullied at school, and received several death threats from bullies. It sucked at the time, but helped me to develop a backbone.
  2. I have a conscious fear of smelling bad. Without cause, I’m told. I have to constantly apply smelly good stuff on top of normal bathing habits.
  3. I have a birthmark on my stomach.
  4. I once had a scar that closely resembled a duck.
  5. I hated Harry Potter before I read it, without cause.
  6. I think Numbers is the most boring book in all the Bible.
  7. I struggle with judging people prematurely.
  8. I I haven’t read Lord of the Rings.
  9. I’ve failed every math class I’ve taken since Freshman year of High School.
  10. I believe the truth is out there.

David Bowie

Today the world has lost one of the most influential artists in alternative music, David Bowie.

David Bowie was one of the biggest inspirations for William Denslie, in my novel Lipstick Trace. His music continues to influence my work and nearly every music playlist I make has him in it.

He died at 69 years old, just days after his birthday and after the release of his Blackstar Album. In a world where mental health and suicides, drug overdoses and other depravity reigns, it is comforting to see that there can still be heroes who don’t die due to poor decision making or weakness. Cancer was strong enough to kill the Starman, The Goblin King, but music like books, are links to immortality.

I listened to all of Blackstar today, Bowie’s last album, and I have been listening to it all day. It is infectious and contains so many final thoughts from his brilliant mind. He was the person who introduced me to concept albums all those years ago with The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders from Mars. This album is clearly a testament to knowing his death is coming, and he is at peace with it. I I hope that his final birthday on this planet wasn’t painful, and that he went gently into that endlessness.

“Look up here, I’m in heaven
I’ve got scars that can’t be seen
I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen
Everybody knows me now”  — David Bowie, Lazarus.

Everyone always knew you David. If you could see how much the world is mourning your passing. You will always be remembered.


#KeptPromises 3


Day 3 Writing –

Your First Love & Your First Kiss

Love is being proud of the person you are with. It is knowing that if they were not in your life, your life would be crappy by comparison. Love is knowing that no matter what happens, what distance, what events occur, you are in their heart. Love is knowing in your heart that the other person holds a special level of forever in your heart, and that they will remain there. Love is forever. Other love will blossom on the foundation your first love presents, but the first is the one you remember.

Having defined what love is to me, she was my best friend. She was the cool kid to me, not the most popular girl in school, but she thought I was worthwhile. She was always happy to see me, and I would always sit next to her in school if I could help it. We were made fun of. We didn’t care. She was unforgettable.

My first kiss, the real one that I count anyway, was in my girlfriend’s parents house. Situated near an orphanage, and it was very nice. We did a lot of it. She was good at it, I would say so even in hindsight. That’s all I have to say about that. /Forrestgump

#KeptPromises 2


Your Earliest Memory :

I have several “Early” Memories, but I don’t know my earliest. Most of my early memories are incomplete. Snippets of a larger picture.

My memory that I always say is my oldest, is being behind a Cat Stand for my cat’s Pepper & Snickers in the trailer where I first lived with my parents before 316 West Route 8, Silver Grove KY.

I next remember eating a gray saltwater taffy kinda candy bar, and sitting it on the brown dining room table. This was the last candy bar I had before Type I Diabetes entered my life.

I remember the Green Metal Swing in my backyard, with paint peeling and rust. I would sit on the metal beam in the “A” of the bars. I would sit, perched up there comfortably watching animals in the trees and listening to sounds of the neighborhood.

I also remember asking my mom if  I could pet Snickers. After being told yes, I realized I was unsure on how long was long enough to pet a cat, so I asked her this too.





30 Day Writing Challenge: I Said I would do this once I got internet back. I am keeping that promise.


5 Problems With Social Media:


  1. Everyone can see everything.
    B. What’s said can be deleted, but never unseen
    III. The complexity of needing to either ‘friend’ or ‘not-friending’ that coworker that you really can’t stand.
    Fourth, The expectation that you must have social media in order to be known.
    In Conclusion-  The Sadness in no longer writing letters. The joy of putting your curled up hand on a dry piece of paper and drawing words from the pen in your hand. It’s so much easier to Send an Instant Message, or an Email.

I really didn’t like this one. I wanted to write about something else. I expect that will bleed into future writings.

#Keptpromises #amwriting