Natalsa of the Brim ~

I’ve just finished, as far as I’m immediately concerned, my 2nd full length novel entitled “Natalsa of the Brim”. Those of you have followed me know that this was my NaNo project in 2015. 10 Months to completely finish a novel after the initial 50k words were done.

I’m satisfied with how it is written, and I have received praise from everyone’s who has read it. I’ve been told, if they don’t take it they’re stupid, and I  know that they have high standards. I have the same high standards. I want Natalsa to succeed.

I’ve been told this is the best story I’ve ever written, and that it has all the potential to be a best seller. I want it to be.

Lipstick Trace got as high as the #200 on Amazon seller for YA novels, it’s so close to breaching the 100 mark, and then its slipped. But still, I’m proud over how well it’s done with nearly no promotion from me.


So this is a benchmark. Lipstick Trace took 10 years, and if Natalsa takes 20, I’ll stand by it. But please don’t take 20 years.