Author Spotlight! – S.W. Frontz! The Land’s End Series

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Hello, and welcome to my author interview with Sherrie (S.W.) Frontz! Today we are going to get some time to chat with them, and we’ll discuss books, writing process, and other fun things.


Chad: Can you tell me a little about yourself?

S.W. Frontz: I’m a southern girl getting ready to celebrate my 55th birthday in a couple of months.  I’ve been married for 21 years, I have a son, several step-kids and step grandchildren, and my furbaby Mandy.

Chad: Well happy early birthday! Sounds like family is important to you! Now, I do have some standard questions I like to ask, because they help me understand you better. Can you tell me what your favorite book is, and without too many spoilers, tell me why?

S.W. Frontz:  I don’t have a favorite book, but when I find an author that I like, I keep their books and re-read.  I’m a big fan of series and the same characters.  I have all the John Sanford Prey books, Catherin Coulter’s FBI series, James Lee Burke, John Lutz, and Lee Child’s Reacher series.  I must make a comment on the Reacher character.  Love him in the books, but I don’t think Tom Cruise was a good choice to play him in the movie.  He’s not tall enough, muscular enough, or cool enough to be Jack Reacher.  I refuse to watch the movies.

Chad: Yeah, it’s always disappointing when producers make the call and don’t cast the right person. I personally love movies that are 100% true to the books. Speaking of the right person, who is your biggest supporter? What I mean is, who has always encouraged you to write, even when you feel like you weren’t good enough?

S.W. Frontz: My best friend and fellow author Cheryl encouraged me to start writing, but my husband Rusty threw down the challenge and when he said I couldn’t get the novel I was working on finished.  By that time, it had been three years.  He knows I can’t stand being told I can’t do something.

Chad:  I too am a fan of that method; I just love proving people wrong! ? Do you think your school had a lot to do with how you grew as a writer? Were you encouraged?

S.W. Frontz:   I had one teacher that was very encouraging, but I don’t my school had anything to do with my writing.

Chad: Where do you get your ideas from? I know, I know, hard to say! But what do you think?

S.W. Frontz: I read a lot of mystery/suspense books and I like to watch crime dramas on tv and watch action movies.  I guess that’s where most of the inspiration comes from.


Chad: What is your favorite type of story to read?

S.W. Frontz: Depends on my mood.

Chad: What would you say is your strongest writing ability? Is it a wide vocabulary? A deep knowledge of Balinese Monkey Chants?

S.W. Frontz: Aside from the deep knowledge of Balinese Monkey Chants I really don’t know what my strongest ability is.


Chad: Haha, we’ll have to talk about the chants sometimes. I think they’re so interesting. Let’s get into the meat of you as a writer. Tell me about your most current project. Is it a short story? A novel? Flash fiction perhaps?

S.W. Frontz: novel

Chad: What makes your hero tick? What makes them interesting to you?

S.W. Frontz: Each one of my novels has several heroes, male and female.  What they all have in common is intelligence, an ability to see through a person’s physical beauty or lack of to find the real person inside, and the courage to make a decision, whether t’s good or bad and stick with.  They all have the courage of their convictions

Chad: And it’s not just heroes who have convictions. We all love a villain. Well, at least I do. Tell me something about the villain that will make me like, or understand them, better.

S.W. Frontz: I don’t want anyone to like my villains.  I made the mistake in my first book where one of the villains was dying and had a change of heart.  I was told that wasn’t believable.

Chad: Well, everyone likes different things I suppose. Can you remember the very first story you ever wrote? Do you ever consider improving on it now that some time has passed?

S.W. Frontz: First thing I wrote was a poem about Rebel soldiers dying for the Confederacy.  I think I was 11.

Chad: How do you think writing has changed overall since you were a child?

S.W. Frontz: I never gave it much thought.   I’m guessing there are more genres than when I was a kid.

Chad: Do you feel like it’s easier to be published, or perhaps harder?

S.W. Frontz: I never tried the traditionally published route so I can’t speak to that.  It’s easy to be self-published, but very hard to do all your own marketing and to get sales.

Chad: I agree, it’s a full time job. So, we all have times when our imaginary friends won’t talk to us (writer’s block). How do you deal with it if you are susceptible?

S.W. Frontz:  I just wait til the light comes back on.

Chad: Persistence is key! Can you tell me something you wish you knew starting, that you know now?

S.W. Frontz:  I wish someone had told me how hard it was.

Chad: What is your next project? Do you have any ideas?

S.W. Frontz: I’ve already started on book 4 in my Land’s End Series


S.W. thanks for taking the time to speak with me today, I learned a lot about your writing from this interview, and hope my readers and yours enjoy the interview. To my fans, please check out S.W.’s  collection of works at the links below! These books are ones I know my parents would love, but I can also appreciate their timelessness.

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