Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

So I can honestly say that now I have a working, A-Z outline. I may have missed the points of Q-Y but I know how we get from Start to End, and I need to fill in a few areas in between. But I feel confident now more than ever that I will be prepared for November.

I am currently playing Werewolf Bar Mitzvah as a timer to make myself write for a full 3 minutes without taking pause. It doesn’t really matter so much what I write so much as I continue to do.

We bought stuff for the Kid’s Halloween costumes, oh and I must also post this really good link that a former professor linked today on facebook.

I keep reading micro horror stories, and apparently Werwolf Bar Mitzvah is a bad choice because I have to now wear headphones except i dont have headphones and i can’t stop.  Hey the songs over.


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