NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 19 Survival Journal

33,440 / 50,000

I absolutely love those random, old bitty characters that creep into my novel. Marie had been there since the beginning as a pre-story character that disappeared. Well, we crossed paths tonight and I think she was possibly the most supporting character that was never a main character.

Her chapter was comedy, and I really didn’t expect too much comedy. I knew Natalsa had to dig deep tonight, but finding Marie was a surprise. I wonder how the rest of the novel, and Natalsa, will be affected by what happened with her tonight.

Natalsa has been given her quest, and her obligation. She is no longer the Queen in the story, and must calculate every move as she transitions into the bishop to continue with the chess metaphor.

11 Days longer. I can remember when I started writing these blogs, where I was counting down and saying 11 days until it starts.

I’m going to miss November.

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