#KeptPromises 2


Your Earliest Memory :

I have several “Early” Memories, but I don’t know my earliest. Most of my early memories are incomplete. Snippets of a larger picture.

My memory that I always say is my oldest, is being behind a Cat Stand for my cat’s Pepper & Snickers in the trailer where I first lived with my parents before 316 West Route 8, Silver Grove KY.

I next remember eating a gray saltwater taffy kinda candy bar, and sitting it on the brown dining room table. This was the last candy bar I had before Type I Diabetes entered my life.

I remember the Green Metal Swing in my backyard, with paint peeling and rust. I would sit on the metal beam in the “A” of the bars. I would sit, perched up there comfortably watching animals in the trees and listening to sounds of the neighborhood.

I also remember asking my mom if  I could pet Snickers. After being told yes, I realized I was unsure on how long was long enough to pet a cat, so I asked her this too.


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