Kept Promises #4



Day 4: Ten Interesting Facts About Myself


  1. I was bullied at school, and received several death threats from bullies. It sucked at the time, but helped me to develop a backbone.
  2. I have a conscious fear of smelling bad. Without cause, I’m told. I have to constantly apply smelly good stuff on top of normal bathing habits.
  3. I have a birthmark on my stomach.
  4. I once had a scar that closely resembled a duck.
  5. I hated Harry Potter before I read it, without cause.
  6. I think Numbers is the most boring book in all the Bible.
  7. I struggle with judging people prematurely.
  8. I I haven’t read Lord of the Rings.
  9. I’ve failed every math class I’ve taken since Freshman year of High School.
  10. I believe the truth is out there.

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