Lipstick Trace : So Close

So I promised an update on Lipstick Trace. (For those of you who are just joining us, Lipstick Track is the Novel I started in College [2003-2006]. It is 70,000 Words and targeted at a Young Adult audience.)

Here is the promised update :

A publisher wanted it. A publisher was willing to pay me 50% Royalties on it, and they would have rights to it for 3 years. I was told the following things about my story :

“The plot is well developed and requires minimal editing.’
“By the end, I was actually emotionally involved with the characters.”
“Your characters develop well and by the end of the story, the reader cares about what happens to them.”
“I believe you have targeted your audience appropriately for the young adult/romance genre.”
I was so ecstatic having read their letter saying it was good. I called several people, and told several people that it was finally being published and was supposed to be out by Mid May or Early June.

And then I reviewed the finer details of the Contract. And I had a trusted set of friends, and a valued professor, review the contract. We all came to the same conclusion on a detail of the contract, and that was that it was a deal breaker. So I sent the Publisher a letter stating I was delighted with the honor they were offering me, but that I had to decline as it was not the right move for my novel.

This is an update to you, but it is also a reminder to me. Go for one more publisher. I’ve been sending this out ten years, and with as close as it has come these last two publishers, I’m certain I’m close to hitting the ball.

And on I go.

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