The Better End

I haven’t posted since my first book went live. It’s been an interesting couple of months. Lipstick Trace has sold, and has gotten as high as the top 200 on Amazon. I’m about to receive my first royalties statement of consequence tomorrow, I am super excited to see what that’s gonna amount to.

I’ve been working on Natalsa and Ghost Calls with some friends, my dear beta readers. I’ve been taking time to read daily, if not write. I’ve celebrated birthdays for my family, and tried to focus on professional success.

I’ve seen different movements display darkness, as well as light. It’s a scary world, but it seems to me the world has always been scary, but we adapt to the fear of yesterday to where it is no longer a thing of terror. Whereas, the fear we face today, the previous generations never would have foreseen.

Though I fear for my family, I know that the world will endure, and by faith I will not cling too tightly to safety and security. I will cherish moments where my daughters sit on my lap and say “BAWK!” to me like they were chickens.

I believe. Through every night and the endless potential of the eventual dawn, I believe that love will find a way.

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