This is a motivational blog post ( I promise)

I really don’t care about this story. It’s generic and below me, and is lazy most of all. I can’t encompass this story mentally, it’s so shallow. Give me something better than this.

Okay, here’s a page. Make something better.

It’s right in front of you, see all this space? Potential. There it is.

Still waiting? Opportunity doesn’t knock, you know. Opportunity hides behind a chain link fence and a reinforced steel door, with a deadbolt and no peephole.

Know how to get to that opportunity? Pry the door open with vocabulary, create a trapdoor under the floorboards using little more than what you entered the world with. You are the creator of worlds, and the inspiration in every word that rushes past those fictional lips of your inventions. Use the keyboard, pen & paper, instrument, in front of you and make the dust turn to diamonds, and just as swiftly, topple kingdoms that have stood in oppression of your dictatorship.

I’m still waiting for a better story, cuz bug-stories don’t sell. Fifty Shades of Prattle sells, if that’s not proof that your story could make it, what is?

I’m ready for you to take your writing to the next level, to make the declaration public, to say : I’m writing. I’m proud. To be quite plain, I don’t care if you approve – I’ve come to terms with my imaginary friends, and they outnumber you. They’re on my side. I’m through treating them like second-hand personalities just because they came from inside me.

Take your pen, that mighty instrument of confidence, and scrawl your existence in the pages of literature. Do not question yourself in terms of what if I fail. Question, what will happen when I succeed? Because if you want it all badly enough, you’re going to get there. Remember, nobody (Minus Christopher Paolini) had his writing career handed to him. Everyone has worked, and everyone has mingled their ink with salty tears. It builds character.

Cherish your rejection letters, especially your first one. The first rejection letter shows you’ve entered the arena, you may only have a wooden shield, but by God you’re ready to fight. You will get knocked down, you will taste sand in your mouth next to your busted lip. If your resolve remains, you will rise. Trust me, you will think about giving up.
But your story needs to be told.

Somebody out there needs to read it like you needed to write it. Remember how it first felt when you learned of your story? When you first met your characters, both good and bad? That’s how excited someone will be reading your book, and reading it again.

I believe in you, and if you need to vent your doubts, and your frustrations, I’m going to listen. Just remember, what you say is subject to land in one of my stories. I’ll try and write you the happy ending you’re working for.

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