October Entry #1

October 1st – Officially 31 days until NaNoWriMo. I signed up to do NinjaWriters  October Challenge, basically exercises to write daily to help build your muscles up to Nano.

So the goal is to write for 10 minutes today. Given that i have no content on which to elaborate to start, I’m going to write for a solid ten minutes without ceasing.

It is now 12:03 AM, suddenly it’s October 2nd. We just came that much closer to Nano. JOY! I really am quite excited, though I will admit it’s hard to not stop while typing to consider if i just spelled a word correctly, or if i missed a typo.
So as far as creativity goes the new nano story is going to be the second Terima anthology, starring Ganston, Celestia, Adia, Lavinia, Lord Marcam, and a host of others who are in the story.
Natalsa built the foundations for this world, and that was the purpose of Natalsa. Becasue actually Ganston’s story was written FIRST around 2009 or so, and it was such a HUGE project that I had no idea how to handle an idea so massive.

Its’ been two minutes btw.

So Desinder’s play a much larger role in this story, that is to say; hybrids born of both magics. The idea of desinders was also huge, and scared me in the early 2000’s, but having written natalsa I now think that I am empowered enough to write it.
Anyway, to go on, it’s a couple hundred years since the close of natalsas story. Natalsa’s son [ also , spoilers as fuck here, if you ain’t read natalsa and care about spoilers, gtfo] and Estil’s son ends up founding an order of the new witches and ushers them back into an age of glory.

Ganston is Natalsa’s descendant, and his daugther Adia, is  one of the new witches that is being trained. Lavinia is also of this order, but it’s a bit complex where she’s involved.

So desinder’s are supposed to remain in their realm unless summoned to the realm of mortals. Unfortuantely, security is a bit lax since the last demon lord, Raytheon, fell to a sinister force. The peace that he had maintained since centuries ago has broken and his death is not known by the humans.

So desinders filter to the rest of the human world, undetectable, except by those of the highest teaching, and they start eliminating the order of Terima. War ensues, and in the first of the Actual Trilogy, we are shown the foreshadowing of the war that is about to break out.

I’m thinking the first one will be Daughter of Terima, its mini story having been called Sisterhood of Terima. So book one is DoT, second one is the Battle for Terima, and the last one will be entitled Terima’s Legacy. It’ll be fun. But it’s gonna be huge.

I’m going to need a buttload of characters, so for lack of better content, and boy my wrists are starting to hurt ; anyway back to characters, I will ensure that no matter what I include a character by the name of Pannia, which is i guess a throwback to Lil’ Panini, a parody story I had composed late one night when i was quite cross with a certain attractive woman. He had a goofy sort of personality, and was a sailor of sorts, so i imagine he and ganston *the recovering fisherman* will get along quite well.

Adia, her dude interest is a scuzzo, which is kind of the foil of Emmaline/Anthony. Because I feel that there should be that duality involved in the dynamic nature of the character.

Celestia, shes going to  be a problem. Not only is she Adia’s step mom, but there’s also an evil element to her i haven’t quite tapped into yet.

Lavinia is meant to be Ganston’s love interest, and again, if youre reading this i apologize for spoilers, but you gotta understand what I’m trying to do here. And that is to set in stone what my NaNoWriMo novel will be this year.

Lord Marcam, that devious scoundrel, I remember him having an entry somewhere in this log…ill need to find it.




Book 1 : Sisterhood of Terima

Book 2 : The War of Terima

Book 3: The Legacy of Terima



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