Quick Notes

This is a recap of the feelings I experienced as I walked through Gallows Hill, 10/22/2016 at 6:30 PM.

59 Boston Street, Salem MA,

I pulled into the walgreens, and parked. Briana didn’t come with me right away. I approached the hill, and saw a bramble of trees, thick with foliage. Aftre a moment, I discovered a well used trail leading up the hill. It was muddy but had been raining for several days. I made my way up the hill, and at its apex, was in the forested area where I firmly believe the hangings occurred. It was twilight by the time I arrived, and there were all manner of trees in the forest. Some were young, I have a belief that the older trees were cut down to make way for the row of houses that sat higher up the hill. However, I did feel a great heaviness on me. I did not feel threatened, but I did feel as though I were being watched. There were branches all over the place, logs, and fallen trees. There was a strange little cairn almost in the center of the woods. The air was cool, and I could taste the woods. It was sensational. I brought back a twig from one of the trees. Upon closer inspection, I found up the hill more part of what was once a wall. There was just a very clear, though nearly destroyed, stone wall. It was crumbling, yet it was still quite clear to see what it had been. My initial and conclusive thought was that past that wall is where things happened, and it was very easy to imagine the bodies being thrown down the side of the hill, where they would land in a crevasse at the bottom, alongside the pond where Walgreens now stands.

I took Briana up with me the second time, and she too shared that she felt a sense of overwhelmingness. She said she felt malevolence, not that spirits there were seeking vengeance on us, but that they were angry, but with complete right to be.

I ended up bringing a stone from the wall back with me, along with the twig/branch thingy. I don’t want to forget the feelings I had there. I stood on ground where 300 years prior, the hangings occurred. The history bled through the twisted roots, and saturated the soil with its yearnings to be heard. I will remember, because this was important. This was a lifetime of yearning realized. Salem.

I will never forget.

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