NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 4 Survival Journal — My daily recount of hurdles, achievements, happy thoughts, and raging explicit content. 7,413 / 50,000 words. #nanowrimo #orderofterima #plotholes

NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 4 Survival Journal — My daily recount of hurdles, achievements, happy thoughts, and raging explicit content. 7,413 / 50,000 words.


What makes a writer a writer? Writing. A lot of people would say ‘talent’, but talent is really just the ability to do something well that most people have to work hard at. If you don’t think you have ‘talent’, just work hard instead—the talent often comes with a cost, anyway: a lack of good work habits. The talented ones often never had to learn to work hard; so many of them don’t finish their work because they never had to—it was enough to be talented, to offer people a glimpse of what you could be. So don’t be that person—don’t be the person that everyone believes could have done something. Be the person who tried.


The above quotation is one I want to remember. I couldn’t write a Blog Update the last 2 days, mostly due to being ill. I have managed to continue to meet the minimum goal of NaNo, which is 1,667 words daily. I am striving to make 2600 daily, but falling short. It’s been a rough week. Today I went to 1800, since I’m feeling a modicum better and the writing was easy today.

Ganston is starting to feel more alive than he has ever felt, and keep in mind, I’ve known him since 2010. I’ve learned that Jain, one of my antagonists, has a son. I’ve learned that he is a fair human being, which is at odds with his oppressive father. I’ve learned that a good chunk of this story is going to have a military sort of aspect to it, because Ganston’s currently a meatsack. I mean that in the fact that he has no redeemable physical traits, and he needs to be shaped up into something useful.

Adia just had her first appearance in this rendition of the story. I’ve seen her as an adult, under the instruction of Lavinia – who is still a mystery to me-, but I’m not sure how much that’s going to affect her childhood.

Magic will eventually come into the story, but most magic in this novel comes from Sisters of Terima (Marin’s Order) or the Desinders (Marcam’s Order). This story is heading to war, and right now that’s just an action that’s building up. I think this story will see some good battles, and will test some relationships. I feel now that I’m officially just recording the story and that the characters are in control.

I managed to wake up at 6 AM once this week, again, due to Diabetes trouble and lack of sleep. I need to wake up at 6 again because early morning writing is the best writing. A new week, a new start.

Keep writing.
Keep writing.

Keep writing.
Ooh look, Chocolate.


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