The Birth of Demons

So my new novel idea is a revamp of a 2004 story of mine, Fisher of Men. I recently read that each story is like an archaeology dig, you stumble upon a fossil and you must work delicately to extricate as much of it as you can without breaking any off. You must dust, dig, wash and preserve all of it, and the end goal is to extract this giant skeleton of a story, complete with every bone.

I was able to envision quite a world for my fisherman Ganston & his companion Lavinia, and am at the point of “excitement” when it comes to writing the novel. The original FOM manuscript is still stand alone, this will simply be an expansion of the original world. I’ve managed to extricate the “spine” of the story, and am working on the ribcage.

Character development is a little better, I feel like Ganston is more of what he should be, but he still needs flaws, and though Adia is set to be influential, I wonder if Lavinia isn’t going to eclipse every single person in the story otherwise; I feel that the story might best be told from her point of view.
Daily goal, 1600 words, I fell short yesterday ending at 1,211, and so far today I have 1000 words written. If I want to reach 50,000 words within a month (which I do) I have to step it up a bit, so I’m writing between calls. Be accountable, don’t fall behind. Do the things.


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