Just my type…

Weeks ago in the car, my wife and I joked about a cure for diabetes in Vampirism. The conversation provoked such thought that we shared it online and got even more feedback from fellow Type I’s and medical opinions.  We eventually concluded that though Vampirism could “cure” the disease in that your pancreas not functioning would pale in comparison to the loss of your soul and heartbeat, having diabetes was preferable. I thought that would be the end of that line of thought.


Flash forward a few weeks to when a submission call was shared online for a market looking for Slipstream Horror stories. I struggled to find inspiration to get something into this company, and the conversation from a few weeks prior entered my mind like magic. It was easily one of the most fun stories I’ve written since Ghost Calls, and felt the way writing should feel.

I was in the zone, in the groove, coasting, whatever you wanna call it. The story, plot, characters, and climax were in my head before I knew it, and all I had to do was simply put them to paper. There are few moments in writing that flow as easily as this, and I savored every second of it.


Thank you creativity, I needed that. And so, Type I goes out, and may it find a home quickly.

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