Daughter of Ter’ima is proving to be far more expansive a world that I had originally intended. I was pleased to discover Mardis, a character with a very strong pulse, in my most recent writing.

The definition of Desinders continues to shift, and as such I’m hoping that the 12 different books I have to read focusing on Demons, Ancient Mythologies, and Magic Theory prove a strong anchor for the final evolution of these fearsome beasts.

I reflect on not writing on a daily basis since February at the end of Ghost Calls, though I go through the rituals of writing nearly every day. I sit and think, “Oh this is supposed to be in this story,” and “This needs to be included in this scene.”. I continue to read, to gain a better understanding of Ancient Demonology and Medieval Magic practices. So though I am not on the pen as often as I should be, the story sits in my mind and grows.

Soon I will have little choice left but to binge write, and I am looking forward to that day. I have at least 10 pens in my backpack, ready and waiting for the event.

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