The Accident

Work has been tumultuous. I’ve been responsible for training several newbies on the regular. Typically, my writing time in the morning from 6 to about 8 has been taken, and it’s a struggle to make a daily effort to write. All the same, it happens some days.

My flash fiction piece, “The Accident” will be appearing in “Tales From the Grave Anthology” From Zimbell Publishing this October, it will be my first printed story in a book, so scratch one more goal off the life list.

Next goal, get professional or semi-pro payment for a piece, and eventually a book completely full of my work. To think, it’s closing in on a year since I first got published, and I attribute most of my success the last year to Borris & Danse Du Jour, things have certainly gotten easier with a few publications under my belt. Now that I have a paperback published piece on the way, I am very eager for the next year.

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