The colors, Duke, the colors!

Okay! So! Writing prompt for today;


Describe your love interest’s office from your antagonists point of view.

Too much lord marcam nonsense.

Write about the color of pain and the taste of happiness.


As the couch came crashing on my foot I yelled at the tip top of my O2 deprived lungs. I saw cherry red and the jet black string of profanities rushed off my tongue at the speed of blind hatred. He tried apologizing, my co-worker, yet I wasn’t in the right state of mind to make amends. If you’ve ever seen a shatter resistant glass shatter, you might know what was happening to my calm. He sat down his side of the couch and said ‘maybe we should take a breather.’ I agreed with him as I double over and admired the stains of questionable origin on white carpet. I ran my hands across it, reveling in the stimulation of harsh fabric against my calloused hands. As he offered me a swig of the mysterious liquid from his cold gray flask I nearly leapt with joy. The sting of the alcohol eased the burning forest fire stemming from my foot and sated the fiery demons laying siege to my phalanges. As I looked up into his passive blue eyes and easy grin, I conceded, maybe he wasn’t all bad.


Alright – this wasn’t bad. Upon reflection, maybe I’m reminded most of my writing portfolio in College Writing 101 – I remember being big on show not tell – and I think this accomplished more in one paragraph than most of my writing has done since 2007.

Bravo, Muggle.

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