Double Postin

Why shouldn’t I write 2 entries today? Shit, I wrote 3x in Janvier.

So on pinterest there’s this thing, 29 ways to stay creative.

BTDubs, Katy Perry’s new album is pretty substandard compared to her others

Onto Pitbull

Ways to stay creative:


  • Make lists: I think the last list I made was about LT- It detailed the mains descriptions
  • Carry a notebook everywhere; Im not really doing this; I have a pen which is a good start though
  • Try free writing; I once did this when I practiced the black arts; but not really since.
  • Get away from the computer; you know working from home and writing predominately online; there’s no real time that im actually able to accomplish this; I’m hoping to make a trip down to red river gorge soon that will allow me the time I need to reflect on nature
  • Quit beating yourself up; okay so I’ve got a lot of rejections; my most devastating 1 was the online circular that was specialty horror satire; Borris was declined; I thought it was a shoe in
  • Take breaks; doesn’t 3 years count? Three damn years I lost. Three years of healing. Three years of finding love. Thank God for Briana & Annabelle.
  • Sing in the shower; no Idea when I did this last; it might have been ac/dc
  • Drink coffee- ok so I pretty much do this 4/7 days out of the week minimum.
  • Listen to new music; you know ive never really stood by this until lately. Pitbull, katy perry, daft punk, modern techno; its exhilarating. I think it could be working.
  • Be open- to what? To change? To love? Fuck. What was that moviethat I was just quoting. It had lucy diamond, and …scud. D.E.B.S. was the movie I was thinking of! I need to own that…..note to self.
  • Surround yourself with creative people; lipstick trace was founded & influenced by alex schoepf & nate barton in William Denslie. Quin was kinda evan roth & myself, Ronnie in parts. Rosalyn was done by …shit I don’t even know. Alice was meant to be bitch yet steadfast and true eventually.
  • Get Feedback- I severely undervalued the feedback & continual open reception I received from Nathan Singer, Andrew Miller, Forrest Brandt & Stephen Leigh’s classes. If there is any one thing I wish I could repeat in college, it would be their creative writing workshops.
  • Collaborate – I remember one time in Singer’s class we were commissioned with a task of write a story with 1 of our characters plus a character from someone in our class. I remember someone wrote quincy with…a young girl. And I paired quincy with a fairy.
  • Don’t give up – I pretty much did and am still struggling not to. The thought that keeps me going is sitting in Mrs. Johnson’s classroom in 5th grade statin I will be a writer. Mrs Wagner @ ST. Philip didn’t teach me 90+ WPM for no good reason
  • Practice Practice Practice – Apparently it’s not only the way to get to Broadway, but also towards becoming a published author.
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes- fucking up in college, marrying Jessica, leaving korelitz at 15, these were mistakes. I made them. And I’m better in the following respectsl as per previously related points 1) Though I am 21K in debt from student loans &I am lacking a degree I still retain the knowledge imparted to me by all my beloved professors. They gave me lessons which are worth more than dollars. 2) Yeah, I married someone I thought was God’s gift. God graced me with the knowledge that I was not meant for her. What did I learn? Appreciation for Briana & Annabelle & our second child. I Learned that I have family who stand beside me and love me. 3) Korelitz – They say if you love it let it go, if it comes back its yours. Korelitz is mine, and I will always cherish what I’ve learned there. From childhood to adulthood.
  • Go somewhere new – briana & I are planning GRAND OLD OPRY in Nashville, TN for our Honeymoon! How much NEWER does it get?!!??!?!?
  • Count your blessings : I will list 10 because that’s an easy number 1) Briana. 2) Annabelle. 3) My 2nd 4) My family 5) the fact that I live in a world where diabetes =/= death sentence 6) a good job 7) Freedom of Religion 8) A car. 9) The ability to read; Leigh once said if you don’t have the time to read you lack the talent to write 10) damn good sodas.
  • Get lots of rest—does this count for parents?
  • Take risks – The last time I took a risk – leaving the safe sound and conservative headquarters of Convergys to pursue a career specialized to my talents. I’ll always remember my uncle Stanley peering over my shoulder as I troubleshoot issues on windows 95. He said, and I quote, Chad – you should look for a career in computers, they are the future, and you’ve done things that ive seen grown men struggle with. Thanks for believing in me Stanley.
  • Break the rules – Stephen Leigh told me that there are two rules to writing;
  1. Learn the Rules
  2. Break the rules
  • Don’t force it — I once saw a meme on FB- it stated Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably shit. The same mentality applies to writing.
  • Read a page of the dictionary ; when I was little I was CONVINCED I would memorize the dictionary; clearly I did not understand the breadth of such a task
  • Create a framework – I really have no creative outlet for a new framework- I want to expound on FOM, but I have no new material. That’s kind of depressing.
  • Stop trying to be someone else’s PERFECT – My idols as far as writing goes; I’ll list 5
  1. Stephen King – Basically because he’s mastered the formula of making his readers love characters then severing emotional ties.
  2. J K Rowling – She has closely imitated King in the fact that she forms close emotional bonds with characters, also like that she forms her characters with history; such as I do
  3. Steven Moffat; His fanhatred aside- I think he has a creative personality that allows the bending of laws to suit his means.
  4. Weis & Hickman – they form a cohesive group of characters that is easily relatable. It’s almost as if ALL CHARACTERS are one, and separated they are intangible.
  5. Lahay – Urgency. He has a unique way of shoving time down your throat that makes you seriously carpe diem.
  • Have fun- if I didn’t have fun, id have stopped writing as soon as I learned the craft- and that’s what it is, a craft – a explosive trade that spreads its madness without ceasing.
  • Sorry – got confused. Got an idea? Write it down – I need to gt much much much much better with the idea of carrying a notebook to write down every random thought that progresses through my consciousness. For example ; chilling with Jacob @ P&G at Camp Joy – it was maybe the exchange of 15 minutes; but it means the world that someone cared to talk to me.
  • Clean your workspace – so OBVIOUSLY I need to work on this one, my desk is cluttered; covered with cans, cellophane, aluminum, OG T1D supplies, garbage. Clutter. Crap. I need to represent a clean ENVIRONMENT FOR WORK if I aspire to be a SUCCESSFUL FOREFRONT AUTHOR.
  • Finish Something; Things Ive finished in my lifetime;

Onset- the talking lizard that I first formed from looseleaf papers and held together by bread twisties. To Mrs Riancho’s haiku about Lampchops, Bratface. To Forrrest Brandt’s synopsis of The Falling Away, To Lipstick Trace’s first reading in Nathan Singer’s creative writing 300 classs with Beth Coyle & Adam Bass, to Andrew Miller’s creative writing with Alice Mendell & William Delslie, to Stephen Leigh learning about Mictch Donnels & Sergeant Scott Carson, with some random dude having quoted “ I’ve been drinking the father Oren kool-aid since the beginning” to Lipstick Trace being completed in 2010. I am a writer. I will do this, nothing in my life matters except this. If  I succeed, I am born in this moment and should I fail; I will die in this moment —- I dedicate my life to word; for it Is in It’s mysteries that revelations are made, and in it’s inexpressible homilies are saint’s forged.

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