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Writing prompt for February 4th 2014 –

Hey, what’s this? Writing another journal with only 2 days difference? Way to go nubbins!

General Things going on: Briana got her taxes done, I still have to get mine, good news; she gets 4,500 back!!! Sooooo this means that the reception is paid for. Photos can be, dj can be, cake can be. UH! Glorious! I’m excited.

Things have been stressful for Briana lately, and I guess it’s wearing on me too – I seem to have 0 patience anymore, and I always fight the feeling of not being able to comfort briana the way I should be able to. She’s got a lot of crap going on with pain, headaches, blargendy. Seems anything will set her off lately, and I have  a bad habit of wanting to make it better but it seems like Im not able to do that. Because if she’s pissed, fuck everything else; she’s pissed and im not gonna like it cuz its gonna last.

I’m doing my 14 days of valentines now, so that seems to make her happy. Which in turn makes me quite happy.

So that daily writing prompt? What’s it gonna be today?!?



Write about the day the music stopped

I will listen to this under the influence of Paramore.


There are thousands of other ways this story can be told, but I’m going to tell you the truth about what really happened. I remember right where I was, my college professor had asked us to give a speech on an indelible moment as an exercise one day. Nobody really had a solid idea on what to talk about that day, it strikes me as funny now that that day became my indelible moment. It all started when the fanatics of the world who had passed laws about practicing religion started in on the music. They stated in the seven years since freedom of religion had been outlawed, crimes had dropped. Naturally, they suggested, music must go next as it was a shared consciousness. Think of all the young people going to shows, chanting the same words, it was the sharing of something larger than themselves. So the radio stations went first, the talk ones stayed. Venues shut down. Music instruments were burned in bonfires and people channeled Bradbury, it was a pleasure to burn. There were leaders who stirred the people up, suggesting that it was music that was to blame for the falling standards of American’s and ultimately the world. Promiscuity was truly born because of Elvis’s gyrating hips & the Beatles’ suggestive lyrics. Music had started to make the world more evil, and without it we would surely be led to a more beautiful peaceful world.

It was bullshit then, and it’s bullshit still. Doesn’t matter them though, you get caught practicing music, singing, anything the sort, and you’re locked up in one of their specialty holding workhouses. I once saw a kid drumming at a table using just his fingers. He was gone. Just like that. I’d snap my fingers, but you understand the risk of doing such.  I’m giving them a few more days, they’re still stumped on how to make songbirds obey their law. Live long rebels.


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