Ice Storms

Ice Storm. Ice Storm. That’s what happened today. There was an inch of ice on my car, and it was glorious in its absoluteness.  Annabelle brought me a diet coke today, it was insane. In she comes, holds up the can to me, and I’m hers. It was rad.

Anyway! Todays writing prompt ;

Write a letter to your 10-year-old self. Tell your younger self about the life you’ve created.

Ten Years old.

Dear Chad,

I’m writing this letter to us from 18 years in our future. I’m going to go ahead and say it, you need to work hard in school, you have to focus on English more than anything, because little do you know, but in 10 years you’re going to sell your first book. But only if you continue to work your butt off. Youre going to make mistakes; one of them is coming up real soon, in 5th grade. But don’t worry, it’s going to be the mistake that changes the direction in which your life travels. You’re going to make your first real friends in middle school. Go to Brossart. Anyway, I’m missing the point here. The life you’ve got waiting for you. You’re going to meet a great girl at Convergys, that’s where you’ll take on your 2nd management position and the first in tech support, her name is Briana. You two won’t get along at first, but don’t let that worry you. She’ll come around. You’ll have a daughter named Annabelle who will be born on Saint Patrick’s day with eyes more blue than the atlantic shoreline. You will get married. Keep up the hard work on learning languages, you’ll be learning a lot more than them. You’ll co-own & Code your own online game at around 25, and it will go great for a while, just remember your friends and who got you to where you are.  But dang, 10- youre still at Camp. Spoilers; no cure yet, but they say they’re close…when you turn fifteen convince your parents of how much trouble you’ll stay out of if you become a CIT – it will pay off.

You’ll have a dog named Paisley, and a cat named Quinnie. You’ll have more nieces & nephews than you’ll know what to do with. You will discover red river gorge, you’ll work night shift at Kroger for a while after high school until you learn that you’re better than your current station, and you’ll go back to college. Don’t let some chick, some stupid girl, get in the way of your dreams.  Go to more concerts. Read more. Learn more. You will have a professor in college who tells you ‘if you lack the time to read you lack the talent to be a writer.’ This is the truest lesson you will ever learn in school. The second truest lesson should be never go to bed angry, it’ll unfortunately make sense later.

R.L. Stine is still around by the way- he’s doing alright. You’ve started on Jack London by this point, and dabbled in low fantasy- keep your eyes out for a book called Harry Potter when it comes out, and get t to reading Stephen king, it beats the streetsign’s off Fear Street. BTDbus, you can tell your parent’s Lafarge, (Itll make sense later) won’t buyout all of Silver Grove, they don’t have to move if they really don’t want to. ALSO – and this is critically important: Ian Martin goes to jail.  CJ Stull, who knows. Sean Martin goes to jail. They remain hoods, and  don’t really make anything out of their lives. The bullying and torment you experience will end, and you will be on top, just keep going.


Narnia. Read it.

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