On the Brim & being Published

So I have my own ISBN Now. 1942818122.
It is glorious to have one of those. It means I’m official. I’ve made it. And it’s a long freaking road of hard work that still rises in front of me. But, it’s further validation that I haven’t made too many mistakes with writing.

It was a little over a year ago that Borris was published in a small online magazine, and since then it’s been republished on Corvus Review, and Just One More has been published on Bewildering stories.

3 Stories, All Ghastly. There seems to be little question, horror is my strongest suit. Though, Lipstick Trace has been out for the last 9 months, it was passed on to the EIC from the owner of the publication company, so that’s good news. Hopeful at least.

The goal here out, get a book all to myself, my name on the cover, and get paid — even if it’s minor.
That brings me to NaNoWriMo, this year I’ll actually be on time to participate and I’ve discovered this subtle tornado named Natalsa. She will be the topic of my entry for the competition. I have no outline. I have a basic idea, and I’m sincerely hoping that with consistent pruning she will finally let me know all of her story. I desperately want her to be exquisite.

12 Days.

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