The Story of a Girl

9 Days.

Do you get my reference? I discovered some new stuff about Natalsa. I’ve been on a Nanowrimo vblog binge the last week.

I’ve got a nice new pen for jotting down ideas, and it feels right. It feels like it will help progress the story. My accountability partner Alex is doubting whether he can make it happen in November or not. He’s dialog driven, and he says he takes a while.

I’m trying to keep him on track, and have been sharing good practices with him. He states I seem more ready than he is, I just doubt that I can make it at times. I don’t want to screw up and miss a day.

I plan on red bulls, late nights or early mornings, and headphones with lots of music. This is my planning.


And now a random hufflepuff nanowrimo video just popped up, this has my attention.


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