NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 21 Survival Journal

36,865 / 50,000

I like Emmaline. She is the most fucked up character I’ve written, life shits on her on a daily basis, and I am really at a point where I think she could have been a stronger protagonist than Natalsa, of course, that is all current. Emmaline is the spark of insanity that Natalsa needs.

Natalsa is so close to losing everything she’s held dear, and she is so close to reclaiming her birthright, but she’s still not willing to give everything up for the magic and until that happens, she is crippled.

Emmaline’s diversity comes from that through all of her fuckery she is able to give everything she has to the magic, because that’s ALL SHE HAS LEFT. This is what makes her the stronger witch, and with that strength she will give Natalsa her out….and i just fucking realized how that will work. To revisit a former device ; it is the gear turning perfectly. It is as is Emmaline’s existence has led to this moment, and I am scared for her because when she realizes the power she wields, it may well tear the world asunder, and wouldn’t a handful of demons just love that opportunity? Kaltyges’s revenge in the final affair.



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