NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 22 Survival Journal

38,870 / 50,000

Tonight was the most productive night of writing I’ve had since the start of NaNo. Everything continues to build up, and the novel is pretty much on cruise control at this point. All I need to do is document the history, and hope I don’t miss too many details.

We have, in THIS CORNER, Leon and all the forces of darkness; demons, undead, Seekers.

And in THIS CORNER, a witch without her power, ten apprentices, and one capable witch, plus a man with a musket & long sword.

Currently accepting your bets.

It was neat, i had to write a footballish looking battle plan for how the Siege is supposed to go down, and it was neat. That’s really the only words I have for it. The next chapter officially starts the siege, and the battles and with battles, come injuries & death.



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