#NaNoWriMo Survival Journal Day 2: 4,315/50,000

#NaNoWriMo Survival Journal Day 2: 4,315/50,000

Day 2 was a little AHHHHHH for me. I didn’t do any writing until 7 PM, which is super late. I usually prioritize my day better, don’t do any gaming, don’t do anything leisurely until I’ve got my words done. But there were also factors in play that I couldn’t ultimately control. Sickness. Unexpected discussions to have with the new apartment complex we’re moving into.

But! I learned about the scary part of my book today with the introduction of a character by the name of Bert. I like Bert, he seems unconventional, and almost maniacally metrosexual, not that I intended for him to be, he was more like “Yo, check it – this is who I am, let’s bang out this story right quick’, I was quick to comply, he was highly persuasive.

I think Bert was also highly persuasive to my MC. I don’t know if Bert is evil, I feel like he’s ultimately trying to do the right thing, but people could view him as not a nice person. But I’m also thinking he’s like a sword, it can cut both ways.

I’m pleased overall. I feel like the characters are starting to show me who they are, which is very organic to me, I don’t like making them fit into molds that they mayn’t want to fit into.

Day 2, overall a good day. I met my minimum word count of 1,667 – not my personal goal of 2,200, but I wasn’t far off either. There’s a point in the writing where it’s like Okay this has to stop right here, to add more would dilute it, and that’s what happened today.

What challenges are you facing? Anything good? Anything exciting? Did you find a Bert too?

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