NaNoWriMo Survival Journal Day 10 19,171/50,000

NaNoWriMo Survival Journal Day 10 19,171/50,000


It’s been about 6 days since an update to the blog. I apologize, but I had trouble with things real life that I had to tend to. My wife is across the country at a funeral, and I’ve been home with the kids.

Also had a few job interviews, and had a friend come over from the UK. It was busy time, but I loved all of it. I’ve managed to hit the NaNo goal (1,667) every day, and have managed to hit my personal goal (2,200) words a few times, but it’s been a challenge. Hence why the blog updates didn’t come, I had to carve out time to do the things that needed doing, on top of my NaNo commitment.

I’m on the precipice of 20,000 words 10 days in. So if I maintain this pace, my work will come in at just around 60,000 words, and I hope I can do it.

I seem to have written myself into a corner, I’m afraid. I feel like I’ve reached the point in the book where the character realizes something is gone wrong, that he’s settled for one thing, and then found the true thing he wants, and has to unravel everything before he becomes unraveled himself and is pinned with things that he doesn’t deserve. Or does he? He was responsible for at least one bad thing, and almost was for a second really bad thing – I’m trying to be vague to avoid spoilers, bear with me if this is not the most descriptive entry in the history of my works.

A lot of people are hurt by his actions, he’s a laser beam to Alderaan, and he needs to understand how much his actions can hurt those around him. I know in this genre people need to suffer, it’s about wrenching out the emotion from readers based on the experiences of the MC, not the villain necessarily, but I am not sure if I want to go for a bleak ending where he loses it all, and the story becomes a testament to always try and live a good life, or if there can be any redemption for anyone in the story.


I call to you, dark gods of writing, (and light if you’re there too) HALP.

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