Pre-Labor Mindsets

My baby boy is going to be here any day now, he’s officially due the 1st, but we visit the doctor today. We’re hoping for inducement, because I severely doubt he’s going to come on time.
Just like his oldest sister.

My manager at work is being pretty rad, says my vacation can start whenever the labor starts. So that’s nice. We got some good clothes for him this weekend.
We also went car shopping. God help us there.

Apparently, having perfect car payments for 4 years doesn’t matter if you have high student loans. Silly me, I thought I was applying for a car, not a Bachelors.

Evie’s been saying “Hi” recently, which is cool as can be. And sissy is fascinated with the phrase “Help Me.” It’s also quite cool but it can be confusing when she starts saying it and you’re like ‘whats up?”

I want to see the boy. He should get here tomorrow. I think this would be grand.

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