So Tired

It’s 4, nearly 5 at this point, and I’m dead tired. Monday is the bane of every good thing. Dropped my niece off at Camp Korelitz yesterday, she was so excited.  It was nice to see her doing the same thing that helped me become a stronger Diabetic. I am certain what she learns there will stay with her all of her life.

Yawn. Sorry, can’t stop yawning this morning. There’s this thing at camp, everyone drops low on the first night. Well, I haven’t gone in 2 years now, but last night I dropped low for one of the first times in ages. I woke up, mercifully, at 1 and was a proper werewolf. The kitchen had casualties, and then I dreamed of werewolves after falling back to sleep. I also dreamed of how scary and offputting it is to have an entire subdivision filled with houses but nobody living in them. You automatically wonder what is wrong with these places that they are so undesirable – I will surely use this in the coming stories to make something spooky.

This week will drag on, if anything not going to camp this year is harder than the last, and maybe part of that is knowing that my blood is there too. C’mon Caeden my boy, daddy wants to see ya! So – Briana opened a fortune cookie yesterday, it stated “This coming Saturday will be exciting for you!” I’m like ‘for real now? for real fortune cookie?’ and sighed. Saturday’s far.


Briana has her Dr appointment this morning to determine if an induction is going to be necessary.


I’ll post a spoiler

It’s going to be necessary.


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